Yes, we are talking about MBBS admissions. Moksh’s Guaranteed Admission Program comes as a welcome relief for any student who is interested in making a career in medicine. Indeed, now all you need to do is just want to become a doctor and we will make you one. And, you have our guarantee now!

Read carefully to understand what we have to offer

NEET UG Training with Guaranteed Admission Program

It may sound unrealistic. You must be wondering how a NEET-UG training provider can give you such a guarantee. Well, we are offering it and there are no hidden terms and conditions to it either.

So, there are two aspects to this offer

NEET UG Training at Moksh

NEET UG Training at MOKSH Academy

Having observed the dearth of organized providers providing authentic NEET-UG training, we structured innovative NEET-UG training modules. We have managed to fill the major lacunae that unorganized and less resourceful training centers struggle with.

The greatest problem that such inadequate training institutions face is finding a balanced combination of trainers. More often than not, one or two trainers in these are good and others are mediocre. But will it work if you become good at Physics and Zoology while remaining inept in Chemistry & Botany?

Now, we have managed to put a system in place to provide the best minds for your training. All of Moksh’s training modules are online. Apart from giving you the convenience of attending classes at home, it also gives us the freedom to bring together well-known, excellent trainers from any corner of India, So, what you get is a combination of the best subject experts due to which your learning is good in every subject.

Also, a great reason of our success is the content of the various NEET-UG training programs that we conduct. Hardly can any other institutions give you the kind of content that we provide. Moreover, our students always appreciate our collection of practice questions and the way we administer these. Our unique AI-powered LMS makes studying easier.

We have 3 separate courses for NEET-UG training.

NEET UG 1 Year Program 

This program is suitable both for Class XII students as well as for those who have taken a drop. This program has a design that will increase the chances of your selection manifold. Click here to know more.

NEET UG 2 Year Program 

We have designed this program for those students who are in Class XI. This program focuses on long-term concept building with regular practice. Click here to know more.

NEET UG Repeater Program 

This program is the most suitable one for anyone who takes a drop to prepare for NEET-UG. To know how this course has a different design and to know other details, click here

NEET UG Crash Course 

This is your safest bet when you are about to appear in NEET-UG. It involves a lot of practice along with numerous full-length practice tests. Click here to know more.

These are the best online training modules in their respective genre. All these Moksh modules come with a guarantee that you will end up studying MBBS in that academic year. Let us understand how we can claim something so unpredictable.

Moksh’s Guaranteed Admission Program 

When you subscribe to Moksh training, you immediately make sure that you are becoming a doctor, that too, a good one. This is how it works.

When you start NEET-UG training with Moksh, you ensure your success in NEET-UG, provided you put in some effort. If not, we are fine with it. If you manage to score the qualifying marks in NEET UG (in 2021, it was 138 out of 720) , we will get you an MBBS seat in the university and country of your choice. The only minimum qualification you need is the completion of Class XII with 50% in PCB (some universities may ask for 60-70%) and qualifying NEET UG.

We have been sending students out of India for a decade now and the network we have is very developed. We have associations with medical universities that are public-funded and rank highly. Our tie-ups are such that we are in a position to offer you guaranteed admission to the best of the abroad medical universities.

What do you have here, then? With us, you don’t need to go crazy cramming up facts in your minds and going through tremendous anxiety about getting selected. Our expert NEET-UG guidance ensures your success; whether you get a seat in a government medical college in India or you wish to get admission in a great university abroad.

NEET UG Counselling Eligibility

When it comes to foreign education, our reputation precedes us. For over a decade now, we have been sending students to these universities with an immaculate record. We have succeeded in getting seats in great universities to all those who met the eligibility criteria. This experience gives us the courage to make such an offer in which we guarantee a career in medicine.

To know more about the advantages that make MBBS abroad  a better proposition than toiling for NEET UG, click here.