NRMP application latches you on to the Match Process. Read on to understand what is NRMP & how the system works, what all an applicant needs to know & remember, & much more.


NRMP Application

NRMP expands to the National Resident Matching Program. It is a non-profit entity which is not under any control of the US government. NRMP is 7 decades old. Its purpose, in a nutshell, is to facilitate the matching of inclinations of applicants to those of the residency program directors.

NRMP helps manifest two kinds of Match. Apart from matching the Residency Programs, it also matches fellowship offers. While the former typically aligns almost 45k applicants to around 37k positions, it matches 65 subspecialties to Fellowship seekers.

The NRMP does this through the R3 system; the three Rs expand to Registration, Ranking, & Results. Both, the applicants and the residency program directors, feed the R3 system a list of their selections that are arranged in decreasing order of preference. The Matching Algorithm then establishes the best possible matches.

For more details, visit the NRMP website.

NRMP Matching Algorithm

The NRMP Residency Match Process relies on the Matching by Residency Algorithm. The Matching Algorithm is a computer program that is essentially a mathematical algorithm which matches seekers to Residency or Fellowship Programs that show the maximum compatibility.


How does the Matching Algorithm work?

The Algorithm works in the direction of matching Applicants to Programs and not vice versa. In other words, it will not match the Programs to candidates trying for NRMP application but it is the other way round. Firstly, the Algorithm will attempt to match an applicant to the Program she placed at the top of her preferences in her Rank Order List (ROL). A Match will happen only if the Program also prefers her.

However, if the Program doesn’t prefer her, the Algorithm will try to match it to the Program she placed as the 2nd preference. It keeps on doing so till there is a ‘Tentative Match’.

Tentative Match

A Tentative Match means the candidate merely exists in the preferred Program’s ROL. It does not mean that it is a final Match. There may be two outcomes of this. Firstly, the Program may be having a vacant position. The Tentative Match survives. Secondly, it may happen that the Program has no vacant spot. This means that another applicant has had a tentative match for that position. Then, the Tentative Match of the one who appears higher in the Program’s ROL survives while the other is ‘bumped’.

‘Bumped’ Tentative Match

The Algorithm then matches the aspirant whose Tentative Match is ‘bumped’ to the Program that appears next in her ROL. And, the process goes on.

Final Match

The Match Algorithm is said to have completed when it is done going through the ROLs of all the applicants. Automatically, all the Tentative Matches become Final Matches.

Most importantly, a Final Match is binding. This means that the aspirant can’t exchange or reject it. This is the reason MOKSH lays a lot of stress on the importance of your ROL. By including a Program in your ROL, you are actually establishing that you will choose that specialty in case you get a Final Match.

NRMP Application

The NRMP Application is the process of applying for the NRMP Registration. The procedure begins when you access the R3 system of the NRMP and create your Username & Password.

You can check the R3 System Application Page by clicking here.

However, for your information, you can’t register or participate in more than one Match at any given time. Also, if you have already tried to match before, you will need to re-apply. However, your Username and Password will remain the same.

We present the details of NRMP application/registration process below.



The two most important requirements that an IMG must meet are their AAMC ID & ECFMG ID.


The Association of American Medical Colleges issues a unique identification number to residents & students who register with any of its services. To get this AAMC ID, you go to the ECFMG’s On-line Applicant Status and Information System OASIS. Here you get the MyERAS Token number after you submit your information. You go to the MyERAS website to MyERAS login & enter the MyERAS Token Number and all other information, the site will tell you how to get your AAMC ID.


An IMG must register with ECFMG when she appears in the USMLE. This is when she gets her ECFMG ID. It is same as the USMLE ID.

Apart from these two, you will also need to provide your information here, at the R3 System log in page.

Registration Process

The NRMP Registration has a lot of steps and you need to be careful to avoid errors. When you fill all the information correctly, you get your NRMP Registration in the form of a Username and Password.

  • The fee for NRMP Registration is $85.
  • You should never share your NRMP Username and Password with anyone.
  • Take extra precaution to enter the same name during NRMP Registration as you did in ERAS & ECFMG.
  • The Residency Program Directors do not have any access to the information that you provide during NRMP Registration.

NRMP Registration Fee

There is a fee that you need to pay when you access for NRMP Registration, R3 System, & Data (Match - Specific).


Standard Reg. Fee

You pay $85 to obtain the listing of your first 20 programs in the Primary Rank Order List (ROL). Also, you get another 20 in all the supplemental ROLs combined together.


Extra Ranks

When you go beyond 20, you have to pay an additional $30/program. You have an upper limit for the number of programs. You may choose not more than 300 ranks.


Late Registration

This is applicable to the Main Residency NRMP Match alone & you have to pay $50 additionally when you register after January 31st of that year.



There is a provision of ‘couple entry’ if both wish to participate in the Match Process. You have to pay an additional $45.

Change in Fee structure with increasing ROL lengths

An additional ‘processing’ or ‘handling’ fee is charged over & above the per case fee when your ROL exceeds in length –

  • $50 for 100-150
  • $100 for 151-200
  • $150 for 201-250
  • $200 for 251-300

Expectations of the NRMP

We feel that this is the right point to make you aware of the Code of Ethics that the NRMP expects you to abide by, religiously. Reading the following carefully will give you comprehension of the things you ought to and ought not to do. In addition, it will also help you to get a whiff of the level of integrity the medical profession warrants.

  • You should make sure that your behavior and language during the entire process is professional. The Match Program treats you with respect & expects the same in return. As an example, during the Residency Interviews, the Program gives you an option to allow or refuse to allow recording of the session. In the same vein, it expects you give the Program a choice if you wish to record it at your end.
  • You should not ask any member of the NRMP to disclose information of the Residency Programs like details of its Rank Order List.
  • You should never make any attempt to communicate with the Residency Program to influence the latter’s ranking procedure.
  • When you create your Rank Order List, you should base your choice on your genuine interest and your compatibility with the Program. Also, you should be committed enough to accept whichever Residency Program in your ROL you match with.

If you fail or refuse to adhere to any of the above, your non-compliance will count in NRMP Match violations. This will manifest in the form of a violation investigation against you. This may jeopardize your dreams of higher medical education in the US for good. There are several NRMP Match violation examples.
Also, you must know how many Programs to rank to match. As mentioned above, there is a limit to the number of Programs that you can rank for the fees of $85. It cannot exceed 20. In other words, you may rank up to 20 Programs in lieu of the $85 fees.


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