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Become proud owner of India's first Edtech Study Center for Medical Students. Learn how this business opportunity can give wings to your entrepreneurship journey

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We have got opportunity to offer patient centered learning solution and high quality programs developed by global doctors. Wish to explore business opportunity with MOKSH

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MOKSH Academy is all set to augment PG Medical domain via Franchising

The journey of a doctor is not an easy one. Getting admitted to a medical school by cracking a highly competitive exam is not enough. Huge syllabus of 19 subjects lasting for around 5 years is not enough and you start dreaming to become a specialist! That’s even more difficult since more than 200,000 doctors apply for NEET-PG in India. The most difficult phase in the life has started. On one side, you are working in a hospital while on another you wish to prepare for an exam. Further, working in a hospital is becoming a heavy burden and you also wish to have your own clinic!

Here is the solution for you! You can now set up and have a stable income from your own clinic apart from preparing for the global medical license exams. In case you are already a MBBS degree holder with a license and minimum two years of experience, we help you set up your own clinic!

Why should you open a Studium?

There are many reasons with a doctor to open a Studium.

  • Participate in the revolution of changing the medical education system in India
  • Guaranteed enhance your income to the current one
  • No investment required from your side under “Doctor” Package
  • Set up your own clinic and become a trusted licensed physician within your locality
  • Contribute in creating better physicians for tomorrow
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Start Up

Start Up

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Sales and Marketing

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Sales and Marketing


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Emergency Help

Training Seminars Website FB Alumni groups
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