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Dynamic Medical Education system in India

With constantly changing rules by NMC, the new medical students in India will need new level of preparations. The whole new competency based curriculum (CBC) has been introduced by NMC with more focus on integrated cases needing patient centred learning. Further, the license examination such as National Exit Test (NEXT) has been introduced for the first time in the history of Indian medical education system. Every doctor will have to qualify in 3 exams namely:

  • NEXT 1 : MCQ based test on completion of 2nd year of MBBS covering non-clinical subjects
  • NEXT 2 : MCQ based test before entering into internship covering Clinical subjects
  • NEXT 3 : Oral exam post completion of internship

Due to the change in the system, an additional support system is required for the students to ensure their qualification. Only that medico would be promoted into the 3rd year who has qualified in NEXT 1 Exam!

Further, the skewed ratio between UG to PG seats exist in India and is expected to remain as a major problem to get a PG seat. Around 174,886 doctors appeared for NEET PG competitive exam in 2021 for a total of 24,360 MD Degree seats and 12,690 MS seats. With 50% reserved seats and 20% seats highly expensive, around 10,000 doctors in India choose to prepare for global medical license exams such as USMLE or PLAB.

MOKSH Academy, providing core solution for medical license exam preparation online is now  taking the next step to provide you with a hybrid solution with physical teaching as well.

Studium is the Solution!

It is run for the Doctors, by the Doctors. A place where any student from the age of 16 years planning a career in medicine till the student becomes a specialist in medical branch converges. Walk into one of our nearby Studium and experience your dream career getting formed. Imagine an option where a medico is hand holding you throughout the journey of your clinical career!

MOKSH Academy today serves thousands of medical students online to prepare for their license exams such as NEXT and USMLE. The programs are popular in 7 different countries due to its unique technology and methodology. During global pandemic of COVID 19, this was the best tool for these medicos to access quality & affordable education from our top educators and mentors. While the medicos have enjoyed the benefits of online test prep, they wish to have a face to face faculty & mentorship sessions as well and an ambience to study in groups! 

An idea of hybrid coaching model with Online + Physical test prep platform for the students is a key to the successful test preparation.

MOKSH Solutions

What is an Edu-Clinic?

One of the biggest things lacking during the 4.5 years of medical studies is the access to the live cases and discussions during learning process. It is important for the students to have a patient centred learning approach instead of just a theory. While the digital classroom at the centre provides the theory and explanations, the clinic gives access to its applications. The doctor at the Studium is in a position to help you prepare for qualifying exams such as NEXT 1 & 2 as well as USMLE Step 1 & 2CK with topper ranks.

Accordingly, the centres not only have an ambience of gathering quality medical education but also provide an access to the live cases at the attached clinic to get insight into knowledge applications.