Privacy Policy

MOKSH respects your privacy. When one provides us personal information during our promotional activities, registration, or our surveys, we use it to conduct research on our clients’ demographics, behavior, & interests. This research enables us to understand and serve our clients better. We shall never divulge your personal/contact information to any advertiser or broker, whether in exchange of money or otherwise.

However, MOKSH does retain the freedom to share your data (name & E mail ID) with those genuine organizations, websites, companies, and institutions that support us with products & services. Also, if MOKSH gets associated, merges or is acquired by another organization, such shall become entitled to use this data, provided they abide by the protocol. Occasionally, MOKSH outsources the process of conduction of a client’s registration with us, to third parties online. We are not accountable in any way for their conduct in relation to a client’s privacy etc. So, the client should confirm the policy of these 3rd parties before providing such information.

We acknowledge that the client retains the right to access, delete and/or update his/her information that is with MOKSH. This will need to be approved by MOKSH before which we confirm lest the change should violate any statutory provision or affect the accuracy of the information.

Cookie policy

Cookies are tiny text files on your computer that MOKSH website can use to identify repeat users and also to enhance client experience. Through this technology, we track the user’s ongoing sessions and also, during the time the user is between visits.

The cookies do this by assigning an identification number to a client. This number is unique and is useless for any other website. MOKSH can’t prevent the use of these cookies by advertisers & 3rd parties that host our data.

MOKSH encourages you to openly criticize our continuous effort to protect our clients’ privacy and we vocal about it. In case you have any further requirement or query feel free to get in touch with us at