MOKSH USMLE Coaching is unique..

The USMLE is different from any exam you may have appeared in. We acknowledge that a universally applicable training module can never suffice for this exam. The training module for it has to be unique for each aspirant. With the numerous individual profiles trying to match for an equally large number of specializations, the USMLE is a dynamic entity on its own.

We created our training modules in a way that you get the opportunity of directing your training yourself. Moksh USMLE training modules are such that you can mold their various aspects. You can change things according to the year of MBBS you are in or the subject or topic you find interest in currently.

To get a feel of how unique a concoction the Moksh USMLE Training module is, you need to understand the rare ingredients it has.

Live Interactive Lectures

Live Interactive Lectures

Hign Yield Q Banks

Hign Yield
Q Banks

Personalized Study Schedule

Personalized Study Schedule

Conceptual Video Library

Conceptual Video Library

Unique Technology


Unlimited Validity Access

Unlimited Validity Access

Weakness Identifier


Auto Asignments


MOKSH Commitment

The Moksh USMLE experts work with you from the day you start USMLE preparation to the day you appear in it, irrespective of the time it takes. With us, you have unlimited access forever to live lectures in which you can interact with the experts one to one.

MOKSH Mentorship

You get the advantage of personal mentorship. We assign dedicated mentors to you who take your mentoring as an individual project. The best part is these mentors have cleared the USMLE themselves, so, they are the best to guide you in your quest.

Our Content

The Moksh USMLE content gives you the edge that you need.

High Yield Series

Moksh has designed its USMLE High Yield Series according to respective weightage that the topic has in USMLE. We have a carefully designed administration schedule of our content. We grant you access to the relevant content at the right stage of preparation.

High Yield Series

Designed Q-bank

You have the Moksh design advantage when you practice with our Q-bank. The Moksh Q-banks have the exact USMLE block structure to enhance your comfort level with the real exam pattern. Each question becomes a lesson with our unique explanations.

Designed Q-bank

Library of recorded videos

Apart from the live lectures, we offer a very rich collection of 500+ recorded lectures that you can access as per your need. Whether you wish to understand a topic that your college is teaching or you have to prepare for a test. Our recorded videos are always at your disposal with lucid explanations from renowned scholars.

Library of recorded videos

News & Updates

An association with us automatically ensures that you will be the first to know of any developments in ECFMG, NBME or FSMB.

News & Updates


You become a part of special workshops that Moksh has specially designed that other USMLE Training providers have not even imagined yet.

Test-taking workshops

You create your own tests using our huge questions database. You simply specify the subject or system or topic you wish to test in and you get a USMLE pattern test ready for you to attempt. Most importantly, we acknowledge your right to test your limits by using our state-of-the-art technology and rich content.

CV building workshops

USMLE coaching of Moksh also stands out due to the assistance we offer in creating your CV. Firstly, you need to understand that your CV is a very consequential aspect of your USMLE endeavor. Secondly, your CV will create the first impression of yours and we at Moksh make sure that we help you create the most suitable CV possible. Hence, We take you through the detailed process of creating your personal profile, statement of purpose, creating your publication record, creating your extra-curricular activity profile & modifying it entirely according to the specialization you are applying for.

Artificial Intelligence

USMLE Coaching AI

Moksh USMLE Training modules derive a large part of their uniqueness from the brilliant concepts of Artificial Intelligence. The AI lets you access a recorded lecture from the point you left off.

Predictive Scoring

It lets you know your tentative USMLE scores if you appeared in the test at that point in time. Certainly, Moksh’s AI-powered Learning Management System guarantees an unparalleled learning experience.

Weakness Rectifier

Similarly, another intelligent program that supports a process that goes on infinitely to ensure your learning is the Weakness Rectifier. In short, when you solve your Moksh USMLE pattern question blocks, the Weakness Rectifier prompts you regarding areas you need to work upon. The program monitors your progress and recommends learning actions according to your progress.


The support system of Moksh USMLE Training is another feature that stands out. We realize that you need assistance and assurance and so, we created our support system. We want you to know that we have your back.

Doubt Solving Support

Live Doubt Solving sessions by experts are a regular feature of our module. In these sessions, you can freely discuss all that caused you to have doubts. Also, experienced experts hold these sessions for the sole purpose of giving clarity to your basic concepts of medicine.

Study Schedule Support

Firstly, we acknowledge that MBBS itself is a very demanding course. Moreover, you decide to take up preparing for an exam like USMLE. Certainly, you will need all the support and consideration that you can get. We accommodate various reservations that you may have and customize the frequency and topics of live lectures according to your needs. We consider aspects like your college exams or even what topics your college lecturers are teaching at that time.

Exam Application Support

The USMLE and the Residency Match involve complicated Application procedures. We assist our students in making an error-free application that ensures success in these endeavors.


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