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Personalized medical education technology

MOKSH group was formed in 2012 in India with the sole mission to fill the gap of healthcare professionals globally. By 2018, it became a market leader in healthcare student mobility space in B2C segment placing 1000+ students annually in 6 countries for medical programs.

This business stream of student mobility has now become the feeder network for all the group activities globally. The industry demand was responded by MOKSH and a new Academy was born in 2018.

The industry pain point

It was realized that just placing students to become a doctor is not the full solution since every student need to clear the licensing exam such as FMGE or USMLE before they can practise their clinical skills. The success ratio of students in the license exam such as FMGE was hardly 14.22% and it surely needed a solution for the students.

By 2019, Indian parliament passed the law about mandatory license exam for all the doctors (India and foreign returned) namely NEXT (National Exit Test). This test would be applicable for all the graduates passing after June, 2023. Suddenly, the medicos realized that the MBBS degree does not mean a license to practice in India and they would need to prepare for the exit exam.

This situation gave birth to the MOKSH Academy, which has now become the most preferred test prep solution among the medicos across the country for various entry and exit exams.

Industry pain point

It was a natural step to invest and focus on expansion into ed-tech space was and the company developed one of the most unique AI based technology offering individual learning experience with full study progress tracking mechanism. The system offers multiple unique features such as:


The unique approach based on the actual students need led to the product and service acceptance by the students across 7 countries. Finally, the group has added the latest digital asset – Mobile App on Android (currently in Beta test phase and would be launched on 1st April, 2022).

Looking at the success in acceptance of the technology platform and the concept of coaching by the academy, the MOKSH Academy has now entered into NEET UG (Entry Test) for medical studies in India. It is planning to open 250+ centres in the next 2 -3 years in major cities for hybrid coaching model under the brand name of Studium.

  • Individual learning Individual learning technology platform
  • listening Unlimited access till you succeed
  • Live Class Full course Live Class throughout the journey
  • High Yield lectures High Yield lectures on reaching the revision stage
  • Video library Video library (3-7 minutes of conceptual videos for 5,000+ different sub topics)
  • Q-Bank Large Q-Bank with unique test platform
  • Auto Assignments Auto assignments based on your weaknesses identified by AI based solution
  • Performance & Progress Performance & progress tracking with analytics
  • Weakness Identifier Weakness identifier based on the test attempts

The Industry Impact

The launch of MOKSH Academy platform has changed the way the industry functions. It has disrupted the manner in which the solution was provided. The customers became aware about their actual need instead of what was pushed to them as an available market solution.

Admission to MBBS program was the priority Clinical Career planning became the need
Problem due to teachers English proficiency Study anywhere in the world
Students prepared for FMGE in 5th year Test Prep from the 1st year itself is priority
Career Vision was till UG Expansion to become a specialist
86% failure in FMGE wasting foreign exchange 86% passed on MOKSH platform. High ROI

The counselling of the students changed. The university admission packages are not sold by education agents or bought by the students. The career planning for India and abroad became so clear that most of the students could decide in a better way with an informed decision making process.

Our Leadership

There was a herd mentality to take a call to study medicine abroad. A small fly by night operator acting as an education agent advised students to choose a preferred university! With 35+ branches in various cities, it has grown to be the largest healthcare placement and coaching academy in India.

The MOKSH group became a leader in the space due to its game changing concept:

  • Provided a transparent system for university selection
  • Offering direct university application system with tracked status
  • Country wide presence of the branches for honest counselling services
  • Exit exam preparation from the first day of their med school
  • Clarity in the students vision for their clinical career right up to PG