An ideal NEET-UG Crash Course is seriously crucial for finally scoring well in this exam. You compete with the best brains in the country most of whom have been preparing meticulously over a long period. Many of these competitors prepare for more than 2 years as they start way before Class XI.

Why to do NEET UG Crash Course? 

What is a crash course for NEET? The general perception of a crash course for any competitive exam is that it is the final step of your preparation. It will be a series of tests that will serve as a mere ‘closure’ to your efforts. However, you couldn’t be farther from the truth. Contrary to the conventional prejudice, a crash course can potentially be the deciding factor that separates the wannabe from the would-be.  


Indeed it is true that ‘your preparation is as good as your last revision’. Typically, a crash course systematically takes you on the path of systematic rounding up and revision of the entire syllabus. Your choice here determines the level of your entire performance.

Patching up 

Barring a select few, most of the NEET UG aspirant will always find that he/she was not able to cover the entire syllabus. The coverage varies from 70-100% of the syllabus among those who succeed. At this juncture, when you take up a NEET UG crash course, it draws your attention towards those sections of your syllabus that you overlooked but shouldn’t have.


Without an exception, a NEET UG aspirant begins to get clarity of the entire syllabus of NEET UG towards the end of preparation. All the topics, intra- & inter-disciplinary, reveal connections and everything begins to make sense. This is the time to draw an aspirant’s attention as to why these seemingly unrelated subjects actually come together to give you the skills of someone eligible to become a doctor. A crash course actually completes ‘the full circle’ for you.


Time management, during preparation, practice & appearance in NEET UG, is utterly significant. In fact, time is the factor that has the capability of changing the entire outcome of your efforts. A crash course gives you proper practice with active guidance regarding time management and time saving tricks.


Though there is no declared pattern in NEET UG that could indicate the weightage of various topics in upcoming exams, there are certain unmistakable trends that exist. The experts running a crash course of some worth give you predictions regarding expected distribution of NEET UG questions. This allows selective studying.

Who should take NEET UG crash course? 

  • Is crash course enough for NEET? Many NEET UG takers suffer from a major misconception and pay dearly for that. They commit the grave error of extreme procrastination. They leave certain major areas to seek clarification during the crash course. You should know if you are ready for a crash course, if:
  • You have given at least a year towards systematic preparation for NEET UG. Ideally, you should give 2 years of your time for this. However, 1 year of preparation will be enough if you have been really sincere. After doing so, you would:
  • Have covered all the major topics as far as concepts and problem solving is concerned. If you have a patchy knowledge corpus, a crash course would hardly help you.
  • Have no other agenda during the next 2-3 months and only NEET UG prep is your prime, nay, only focus!
  • Are ready with your notes of facts for immediate reference & your list of formulae for numeric problems in physics & chemistry.
  • Have a clear vision regarding the course of your action after your selection in NEET UG. You should know what kind of score you need to get an MBBS seat in the medical college of your choice. Confused as to how to go about it? Just click here to access the MOKSH NEET predictor.
  • Also, to be properly confident, you should have a back-up plan. Indeed, the success possibilities in clearing NEET UG are bleak. You should give it a full-blooded attempt with a foolproof backup in your pocket.

Now you know why taking a crash course for NEET UG is mandatory. You also know what all to do before getting into a crash course. Now, let us talk about which crash course to choose!

Why choose MOKSH NEET UG crash course? 

NEET UG Crash Course MOKSH Academy

Which is the best crash course for NEET? There was a time when awareness among students regarding what they get for a price against what they deserve was just not there. Indeed, a person could create a collection of practice question papers and open shop for running NEET UG crash course.

This can no longer happen. You are definitely aware that you should always choose a guiding force that bases itself on authentic research and quality training. This is where the MOKSH NEET UG crash course stands out.

Efficient Revision

We have brought together various subject experts and engage them in analyzing the various topics in their subjects and rearrange them in a way that you revise them in a proper, customized sequence. The sequence gives logical shape to your knowledge corpus.

Filling up the gaps

We have identified certain areas of the three sciences – Physics, Chemistry, & Biology, that most of the students find disheveled and random. We hold sessions of ‘conceptual repair’ of these topics. Whether they are the concepts of inclined plane and friction in Physics, or the unrelated pieces of information in Inorganic Chemistry, or the basics of Molecular Genetics in Biology; we know exactly what you need.

Summing it all up 

We make sure that after each major topic you cover during our NEET UG crash course, we give you a summarization or a gist. These could be a bunch of tables for ready reference or a simple set of bullet points. You will feel the joy and comfort of having completed a topic fair & square. This adds to your confidence substantially.

A bag of tricks! 

The peculiar but ingenious shortcuts that you may have come across elsewhere might have surprised you. All the more surprising will be when you come to know of the tips & tricks you never knew about. MOKSH NEET UG programs focus on these intensely and you get this advantage when you become a part of our crash course too. Our NEET UG preparation tips have always helped our students as their testimonials show.

Analysis of Variance

A team of experts at MOKSH make a list of ‘expected high frequency’ topics chosen from NEET UG syllabus every year before the crash course. This contains those sections of the syllabus that have more probability of contributing more questions in the upcoming exam. This year, we are creating such a list for NEET 2022 crash course.

Concepts of Math 

Over the number of years, we have noticed a major lack of confidence among NEET UG aspirants in those areas of Physics & Chemistry that require reasonable command over the concepts of advanced Math. We have identified those areas of Math that you just can’t do without. Like our NEET UG 2 years & 1 year programs, in our crash course too, we train you in these areas but only to the extent that you need to be.

Which coaching is best for NEET? Above qualities make the MOKSH crash course for NEET UG the best NEET UG crash course online.