Medical License

A Medical License lookup is important for understanding the origin and evolution of the concept.

We hold doctors and the medical profession in a kind of reverence that we have for no other.

At the time of an emergency in a hospital, the appearance of a doctor in a white apron carrying a stethoscope puts us at ease instantly.

We simply assume that all the doctors are well-trained and qualified. You and I can trust them with our lives. Certainly, if there is no law in a country to ensure the eligibility of the Doctors who can practice there, things become very risky.

What is a Medical License?

In simple words, a Medical License is an official permit that the Government of country issues to someone who has proper qualifications to practice medicine there.

Almost all nations have a specific agency/association, called a Medical Licensing board or simply, a Medical Board. It frames the guidelines of Medical Licensing.

Hence, Medical Licensing is also commonly termed as Medical Board Certification. Sometimes, these two things are different (US).

History of Medical Licensing

The detailed history of Licensing is beyond the scope of this Medical license lookup.

However, the concept of the doctor's license came to be in the 1400s. Then, the practice of monitoring and improving the standards of the medical practice continued.

Finally, a mere stipulated qualification became insufficient. Soon, some countries introduced a screening test.

The importance of healthcare for a country's growth became clearer with time. Consequently, more and more states adopted the practice of screening medical graduates before allowing them to practice.

The Opposition

Interestingly, every nation did not accept the concept of Medical Licensing readily. Medical Licensing services faced criticism in a few countries. The most notable of these was Canada.

The objection to the concept was that in almost every country, there is a shortage of medical personnel. The protesters argued that after a medical university granted them their qualifications, blocking the path of medical graduates was unnecessary. In addition, many found it wasteful.

In spite of the objections, the Medical License process is here to stay.

Medical License lookup: Current Status

Medical License Look Up

And this is where we stand today.

Most of the nations have enforced elaborate procedures to provide quality health services to their citizens.

To begin with, the more developed nations have stricter screening for medical licensing! Also, the nature of the licensing process depends upon the level of the nation's economic and social development.

Consequently, the process of Physician Licensing naturally varies from country to country. For e.g., GMC Registration UK

In the UK, a doctor's license is known as the Medical License Registration or simply Medical Registration.

To begin with, the UK government maintains a register of all its active Doctors. When a Doctor gets a place in this Register, she can practice in the UK.

In addition, there are different kinds of Registrations depending upon various factors. (GMC)

  • Hungary & Germany: Regardless of their status (active/inactive), medical professionals get registration as general practitioners/medical doctors/physicians/medical specialists.
  • Doctors in the UK may go for provisional registration or licensing, during their first year of supervised practice after graduation.
  • In some countries like USA, Physicians get Medical License based on the qualifications that the individual States specify.

Moreover, it is definitely important for you to be aware of the Medical Licensure procedure in the country you wish to practice in. Hence, this Medical License lookup becomes crucial