As USMLE study resources, there is a multitude of options available for USMLE preparation. You can classify these options into 4 types, namely online material, books, videos & audio, and study applications. So let’s examine all these sources and decide which would be suitable for you.


The USMLE study resources available on the online platform undeniably cover a large portion of the USMLE curriculum. On the web, you can find USMLE sample questions for all stages. You will find USMLE Step 1 practice questions, USMLE Step 2 practice questions, and USMLE Step 3 practice questions. Also, you can avail the preparation material provided by numerous organizations. They are available in the form of question banks, self-assessment modules, mock tests, etc. Meanwhile, below are some reasons as to why you should decide to choose the Moksh online USMLE training module.

The Moksh online USMLE training module stands out because of its structure and design:

  • Firstly, with Moksh USMLE module, you can experience the real examination situation. This is because all the exams under the USMLE series are taken online.
  • Secondly, we offer options for the way we administer the USMLE prep material. You can choose as per your needs by offering subscriptions specific durations.
  • Most importantly, being on an ever-evolving platform, the questions in Moksh question banks are updated from time to time. Meanwhile, some of our modules are such that they match the level of the real exams. You can compare your score to the real exam score and hence, prepare according to these USMLE practice questions.

USMLE study resources: BOOKS 

USMLE Study Resources

The concepts provided in the books form the core of these examinations. There is a plethora of books available in the market for USMLE preparation. However, there are very few books that prove to be good USMLE study resources. You can buy these books from E-commerce sites like Amazon and other book-selling websites. We also suggest not to rely upon the free materials available on the internet. They are mostly outdated and are likely to hinder your USMLE preparation. Likewise, you need to be careful while buying USMLE books from the stores. You will find much copied material there which will again hinder your USMLE preparation. So better would be if you take guidance from your seniors and prepare wisely.

Then of course you have the option of choosing the Moksh USMLE training module. The content that we provide is sufficient to clear the exam. You can go about your preparation with the Moksh module without worrying about the quality and quantity of content. We evolve relentlessly to remain the best.

USMLE study resources: VIDEOS AND AUDIOS 

You can further study for the USMLE through videos and audio. The online videos enable you to interact with the professional USMLE faculty. You can save the audio files on your smartphones and listen to them whenever you get time. The Moksh audio-video lectures are very helpful. Our seminars and webinars are also very popular among examinees. They guide you in your USMLE preparation.

USMLE Resources for Step 1: Your Path to Exam Excellence


In this era of technology, you can now study for your USMLE exams through mobile applications too. The various service providers of USMLE usually have their mobile applications. You can download these from the application store of the mobile. You simply need to search on your mobile’s application store. These apps may be free or paid. The best USMLE study schedule apps are those that let you create personalized study schedules for the USMLE exams.

The Moksh USMLE Module has a unique design. It provides lecture notes, the content aggregated from the best available content online. There are some content providers that are good for Step1, while q bank of some is good from other providers. At Moksh we offer the best of the referred content which helps you get your desired target.

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