Moksh USMLE Modules are the products that USMLE experts and scholars in the field of Medicine created after much deliberation.

The aim was to create actually success-oriented USMLE modules. We wanted our USMLE modules to provide a firm foundation of medical concepts. Along with that, they will have the flexibility to cater to the needs of different kinds of aspirants in different stages of their Undergraduate courses in Medicine in different corners of the world.

We realized long back that we needed to keep a futuristic approach while designing our modules. Creating a uniform module with such flexibility that the USMLE requires was not possible using conventional concepts. So, this prompted us to rely heavily on the techniques of Artificial Intelligence.


We present the 4 Modules of USMLE Training that we created in a way to suit all the budding doctors irrespective of the country they are doing their MBBS from or the year of MBBS in which they decide to start preparing for USMLE.

The 4 unique MOKSH USMLE Training Modules are

1. Foundation Medical Science (FMS)

The right time to start preparing for USMLE is the day you start your undergraduate program in medical science. Our FMS Module is for those students who are in their 1st year of MBBS.

This module works at the basics to build a strong foundation for all the basic concepts of medicine. The regular features of Moksh Modules adorn this one too. You will experience high-quality digital media content & specially designed q banks for continuous practice.

Our FMS is outstanding in the kind of mentoring we provide. This mentoring is personal and the mentors have already cleared the USMLE so you can imagine the authenticity of the guidance they will provide to you.

Of course, our brilliant AI programs assist you all along the way. The idea is to keep you on track using AI algorithms that do not suffer the weakness of judgmental errors as human beings do.

2. Advanced Clinical Science (ACS)

We realize that more often than not, medical students realize late that USMLE is the most feasible way of making the best possible career in medicine. They are in their 2nd or 3rd year and sometimes they have already completed their MBBS. We seamlessly accommodate these students in the path to USMLE through our ACS module.

Apart from the factors that make FMS outstanding, the ACS also features the provision of going Fast-Track. You get a proper exposure to all the concepts but the process is expedited but never beyond your levels of comfort.

Our brilliant AI programs charge the ACS too and you have the complete Moksh USMLE experience.

3. Residency Match Services

The process of doing Medical PG in US requires you to have a Residency Match. Getting a Residency Match is complicated, to say the least. This is an area where you will need a lot of guidance and support. At the same time, this is an aspect for which you find very little assistance in the various USMLE training programs that are available.

We ensure our students go through the process smoothly. Also, we provide expert assistance in the complicated process of documentation. We assist you in ERAS / NRMP Form filling. Based on your profile, we shortlist suitable Hospitals in US offering Residency Programs. We even prepare you for the interviews by US Physicians that you will have to appear in.

4. Self Study Package

We also offer Self-Study packages in which you get access to our USMLE study material that includes outstanding USMLE content like recorded video lectures, q bank, & other study material very useful for doctors who have time-related constraints. Though not equivalent to our other modules like FMS & ACS, our self-study packages are the most balanced and helpful USMLE study material available.

For a complete description of our various modules, feel free to get in touch with our USMLE representatives. To know what makes USMLE modules unique, click here.


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