Residency Match 

The greatest possible event in your Medical Career will always be the day you get your US Residency Match. There are numerous Residency Programs in USA for IMG.

Your Residency Match happens through a Program called the National Resident Match Program. Then, you start your Medical Residency in USA. Let’s learn more about it.

The Match Process 

USMLE Step 3

There are two entities that orchestrate the allotment of Residency slots in the US – ERAS & NRMP. Both are Programs that have separate functions.


ERAS stands for the Electronic Residency Application Service. As the name implies, you create and mobilize your application here. Also, you upload all your documents through ERAS.

In short, ERAS brings the following in sync:

  • the Residency applicant
  • the application process
  • the applicant’s designated academic heads
  • the authors of the LoRs for the applicant
  • the authorities offering the Residency

In other words, ERAS is a program for applying for Medical Residency in USA. It offers a central, dynamic, and accommodating arrangement for sending your Medical Residency application and all your documents.

Four separate programs synchronize together to form the ERAS. These are –


How to apply for medical residency in USA? Firstly, this is the portal for you to complete your application and submit whatever documents you have. Also, you choose suitable Residency programs here. Finally, you provide links from where your transcripts, LoRs, etc. are going to be uploaded.


This is the Dean’s office Work Station. The Dean here would be the authority of your Medical College who will provide your Transcripts and MSPEs. MSPE stands for Medical School Performance Evaluation.


LoRP stands for the Letter of Recommendations Portal. As the name suggests, this is the portal for the authorities who are going to recommend you through LoRs. These letters are by far one of the most important Residency application requirements for IMGs.


Finally comes the Program Director’s WorkStation from where those offering the Medical Residency in the United States access all the above documents.

The Eras Residency Programs Application Process is self-explanatory. Firstly, your designated Office of the Dean provides you a token. Then, you use the token to access MyERAS and complete your application. Against that, the Dean’s Office & LoR providers upload transcripts & LoRs. Finally, the Residency Program Directors receive all the above.


The NRMP is the Program that actually allocates suitable candidates to a Residency Programs in the US.

The NRMP uses the 2012 Economic Sciences Nobel Prize winning mathematical algorithm called simply the“Matching Algorithm”.

A two-way process

The US Residency Programs Match Process is 2-way. Firstly, the Algorithm matches the Applicant to the Residency Program of her choice and not the other way round. However, the US Medical Residency Programs (Hospitals) also rank the candidates according to their Academic performances and the USMLE Scores, apart from your Residency Application (including SOP, LORs, & CV).

Most importantly, for a Match to occur, the aspirant must have chosen the Program and the Program must have ranked the candidate. If a Match occurs, it is binding upon the candidate to join the Residency Program.

Firstly, after you upload the application and documents on MyERAS, the Programs rank you on the basis of your Academics.

Then, you attend the Residency Interview where you are briefed about the various United States Medical Residency Programs for foreign medical graduates on offer. Finally, you need to make a list of the Programs you prefer. So, the NRMP now has 2 lists and it matches the candidates to the programs.

Match Results

Your NRMP Match Data & results reach you via E-mail. The NRMP results always come out on Monday of the Match Week. However, you get to know whether you have got the opportunity or not.

US Residency Match Dos & Don’ts

The residency Match may indeed be the single most crucial milestone in your journey towards a great medical career in the US. Certainly there are certain suggestions that Moksh has for anyone who is interested Medical Residency in USA for international students:

Time management is crucial. You have to prepare a lot for the application process. Starting from arranging documents to doing research, you need to take care of all the factors.


You will need to -

  • prepare an impressive personal statement and a good CV.
  • arrange numerous documents.
  • consult your seniors to get pointers.
  • manage your time between appearing in Residency interviews and in USMLE Step 2 CK.


Never ever skip an interview. Each interview has the potential to kick start your medical career in the US.

  • Always create a long list of preferred Residency Programs. At the same time, avoid ranking those Programs that    do not appeal to you or the ones you may not be good at.
  • Most importantly, you need to be very honest when you rank the Programs according to your preference

Common Questions about US Medical Residencies 

We will try to answer some common questions about US Residencies that you may have. Many aspirants ask us questions like – 

  • Do I need to be ECFMG certified to apply for Residency? No, you don’t.
  • Do you get a stipend for your Residency? Yes, you do and quite well!
  • Is Step 3 mandatory for Residency? No, it is not.
  • Are there any foreign medical graduates friendly residency programs in US? Yes, there are many.
  • How to become a Doctor in USA for foreign doctors? Check our USMLE pages.
  • How long are Medical Residencies? Varies with specialty, ranges from 3-5 years.
  • What can you do with a medical degree without Residency? Not much, you can practice in India if you clear NExT!


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