Structured Live Coaching

Complete NEXT exam preparation on live online class with top faculties for students studying abroad. The medicos pursuing MBBS in India majorly use these live classes for revision purposes.

Structured Live Coaching

Individual Technology platform

The AI based technology allows the system to track individual student progress for NEXT Exam. The weakness identifier works for each of the students independently and allows you to remove them. Auto assignments are pushed to you based on your weaknesses.

Individual Tech Platform

Full course with Live Class

The only company to provide Live online class with experienced clinical faculties. Hundreds of expert guidance sessions for NEXT exam throughout the journey. Doubt submission & personal notes creation while attending the live class!

Live Classes

We are proud to introduce the unique and effective MOKSH Academy NEXT Online Coaching module. Amidst all the speculation and marketing gimmicks, you can expect one thing for sure. You will see a lot of deviation from the set pattern of the erstwhile NEET PG & MCI Screening test. The exams are changing so the preparation strategies have to change. This is where you will need the expert guidance of an experienced academic entity like MOKSH Academy. That is exactly what you get in our NEXT 1 and NEXT 2 Exam Online Coaching modules.

We at MOKSH Academy have considered all the parameters that will constitute the NEXT Exam challenge. The MOKSH Academy Online Coaching for NEXT Exam is the result of all that analysis.

For instance, the MOKSH Academy takes into cognizance the certainty that the NEXT Exam pattern will be primarily clinical problem-solving. We can claim that we are adept at such Training. After all, we have become the top players in USMLE Training over the years. The focus of the MOKSH Academy USMLE Training module is obviously centered on solving problems at the clinical level.

Practices to ensure success in NEXT

If you want to excel in the exit exam for MBBS, the NEXT Exam, you should include the following in your habits

  • Focus on concepts comprehension rather than cramming facts up. You need to practice problems that require a conceptual integration of various Pre-Clinical, Clinical and Para-Clinical disciplines.
  • Gain expertise in forming links between your theoretical knowledge and practical scenarios.
  • Become a Pro at time management. The syllabus and the available time for preparation are vastly mismatched. You need to start early and show real perseverance.
  • Revise problem areas and practice full-length NEXT Exam sample papers in real time basis.

These are the effort-areas that the MOKSH Academy NEXT Online Coaching module focuses on.

Why is the MOKSH Academy NEXT Coaching Online?

To begin with, an online module is the only one that suits the hectic schedule of an MBBS student. Being physically present at a coaching center is not feasible for them. Let alone IMGs, those studying in an Indian Medical College also can't do it. Therefore, MOKSH Academy NEXT Coaching is Online.

More importantly, in Online Training, you can expect to get guidance from the best teachers in the trade. Naturally, a great teacher can not necessarily find her way to your college. But online, she can access you.

Secondly, you need to understand that MBBS and NEXT need different approaches. In the latter, you will need to focus on problem types that are different from the ones asked in the former.

Then, areas not so important in MBBS studies may become crucial for scoring well in the NEXT. We have hand-picked numerous such areas for your benefit.

We rightfully claim that the MOKSH Academy NEXT Online Coaching is a perfect choice for you. And, it doesn't matter whether you are doing your MBBS from India or abroad. We have designed the NEXT Coaching Module in a way that the preparation is totally Indian curriculum oriented. This helps the foreign medical graduates in getting fully prepared to ace in the NEXT.

MOKSH Academy Magic Bullets

There are a whole bunch of reasons that make choosing the MOKSH Academy NEXT Online Coaching an absolute necessity

  • Our module is the result of meticulous research of NEXT Exam details by experts. Also, we involve scholars full-time to edit, upgrade and modify the content.
  • Our moduleis unique due to the tremendous amount of practice it gives to the subscribers. You get access to over 20,000 questions that contain such detailed explanations that each question is a separate learning experience.
  • However, our module is not an undifferentiated mass of questions. On the contrary, we have meticulously catalogued each question so that you may go back to specific questions easily. We have catalogued the questions on the basis of topics mentioned specifically in the NEXT Exam syllabus.
  • Like our other Training Modules, our NEXT Exam Module also does not miss out on the personal interaction part. Once you subscribe, you can clarify your queries by getting in touch with our experts. This you can do through what’s App or our NEXT Exam App.
  • You get the MOKSH Academy Performance Tracker advantage. This unique program tracks your progress and monitors your learning curve.
  • Also, we have a brilliant AI program – the MOKSH Academy Improvisation Module. It identifies your areas needing improvement and lets you know the same. In short, it categorically informs you which areas you need to focus more on.

The best NEXT Online Coaching

For the MBBS students in India, the MOKSH Academy NEXT Online Coaching ensures selection in Medical PG. To Indians as well as IMGs, our classes ascertain the receipt of the license to practice medicine in India.

Talking about the latter group, the MCI Screening Test or the FMGE passing ratio has been pathetic. More than 10k doctors who appeared in the Foreign Medical Graduate Examination FMGE (MCI Screening Test) have failed.

This is because most of the MBBS abroad students make the mistake of taking things lightly. They avoid starting the preparation for it till after MBBS. With our module, the students can score well in the MBBS internal and external exams along with NEXT Exam preparation.

Also, we have made sure that the MOKSH Academy NEXT Online Coaching Fee is quite affordable for all.

Why MOKSH Academy?

In a nutshell –

  • Starting at 2,100 INR per subject per year, our NEXT Exam prep course is fairly cost-effective.
  • There are numerous tutorial videos for MCI Screening prep that are available in the market. However, none focuses on how to study for it. Consequently, most of the medical students are unaware on how to prepare.
  • As mentioned, you have a team of highly qualified medical scholars at your disposal. They will explain answers to every query you may have.
  • Also, the 30k questions undergo constant updating with fresh questions added almost every day.
  • We have managed to wrap up the otherwise unmanageably vast MBBS curriculum into comprehensible topics and sub-topics.
  • Multiple resources confuse students. MOKSH ACADEMY brings conceptual clarity and mastery over MCQ solving methodology in a simple and lucid manner.

It doesn't matter which country or university you choose to study medicine. Only when you have the support of MOKSH Academy NEXT Online Coaching, you can be sure.

For the latest updates on NEXT Exam, make sure you keep visiting our website. Also, keep track of the NEXT Exam Official Website.