An MBBS abroad is the solution to every apprehension you may have regarding your dream of becoming a doctor. No dream should fall prey to circumstances, especially if it is as benevolent as serving mankind by becoming a doctor.

The only option to become a doctor is MBBS abroad for Indian students who don’t get a seat in NEET-UG. It also is a solution for those who don’t want to waste a whole year & prepare again to appear in the next NEET UG. What is the value of that year? Indeed, at the age the students are in at this stage, the value of the year lost is huge whether you calculate its cost in terms of money or time.

The worst part is that the probability of getting a seat doesn’t change even slightly by taking a drop. Others just give up their dream and choose a mediocre life with a nagging feeling of inadequacy that weighs on their hearts forever.

The solution 

MBBS Abroad

And to think that all this misery is without a reason! Neither is there any need to give up your cherished dream of becoming a doctor nor to waste precious years. All you need to do is score only 50th percentile in NEET UG (that was only 138 out of 720 in 2021). Then, you pick an abroad university that you fancy and start your journey to a glorious career in medicine.

And when you tread on this path to your medical career with Moksh, the outcome changes drastically as we target medical PG and we stay with you till you get there.

You need to understand why the option to study MBBS abroad has become such a great preference over the last decade. More and more NEET UG aspirants secure MBBS seats in the best government medical universities abroad under Moksh’s ‘Guaranteed Admission Program’ before filling up their NEET UG forms.

 Following are the facts whose awareness resulted in this growing interest that is so palpable now. Read on and may be, you will decide to give up the NEET UG rat race altogether and simply score enough to qualify and then fly off to realize your dream in style:

Quality of Academics

The most important factor that every responsible aspirant should investigate first is the quality of education in the foreign medical universities. To begin with, the doubt regarding foreign universities is not entirely baseless. For long has the field of foreign education had a bad name because of the irresponsible conduct of the low-budget foreign education agents. These people never had the proper network or standing to associate with great universities abroad. They clang on to whichever two room university offered them big commissions and started promoting them left, right, and center. Naturally the poor students suffered.

Moksh came into existence with the prime vision of cleansing the field and we began by dispelling all that was fake and corrupt. To the Indian aspirants, we brought those universities that proudly stand among the top ones of the world that have a better world ranking than most of the government colleges in India. You must know that the single most important factor that decides the rank of a university is its quality of education.

Budget Advantage 

The myth that discourages most of the Indian students and their families from even considering the MBBS in abroad option is the prejudice that they can’t afford it. Nothing could be further from the truth.

What Moksh offers you is a range of universities to choose from. You can choose mediocre universities and get a valid MBBS degree by spending less than 20 lakh INR. Also, you can choose to join a couple of hundred year old top ranking medical university by paying less than 30 lakh INR. Of course, there is rarely any meaningful upper limit if you wish to spend.

You can either choose to do MBBS from an expensive Indian Private Medical college or from plenty of other universities abroad if you wish to spend 80 lakh to 1.5 Cr INR.

We understand that for a middle class household, investing even 15-20 lakh INR may be an intimidating proposition. However, there are numerous options of getting educational loans that the student himself/herself repays after he/she starts earning. If you still have apprehension, Moksh assures that we will guide you at every step.

All Public Universities

In almost every nation in the world, there are both private and public medical universities. On any given day, the public universities are incomparably more preferable than others. The public institutions always have better pedagogy, ample laboratory resources, quality faculty, and great infrastructure. Most importantly, they are state funded & hence, have no shortage of budget. However, getting admissions in these can be tricky and you need to opt for the right channel.

We, at Moksh, had made it our mission to loop in as many top-ranked public medical universities across the globe as possible. We are proud to say that we offer seats in public universities only. So, with us, you automatically make sure that you will end up in a great government-funded university. Of course, we can get you admission to private medical universities also.

Ranking of Universities 

You definitely can take the prudent decision of choosing to study MBBS in abroad. However, there are many factors you must be aware of. A major factor that you must check is the world and country ranking of the concerned university. Now, you will find different ranking lists for medical universities and MBBS colleges in abroad. In these the medical universities of the world feature. We recommend using 4icu ranking as it is authentic and exhaustive at the same time.

Generally, if the university features among the top 2000, it is a very good option to choose. It is almost impossible for a bad, low infrastructure university to feature among the top 2000 universities at 4icu.


There is another prejudice that gnaws at the heart of many parents, especially the doting ones. It is a presumption that, in a foreign country, the youngster may face challenges being an alien there. Everyone needs to understand that a foreign national becomes the responsibility of the host government. If there is threat of any kind, the safety of the foreign students is ubiquitously ensured. The recent situation in Ukraine peroves it.

Multiple Career Options

If you are not aware of the existence of certain options, they are as good as being non-existent. The career options after MBBS abroad are numerous, much more than when you do MBBS from India. When you study at a university of high standing, you become aware of many options. Many MBBS students in India will either never know about or will be reluctant to pursue them. You will come to know of great career options in medicine in the country you study. And, coming back to India to practice will reduce to being just an option. 

International Exposure

The medical universities that rank high attract excellent students from numerous countries. These universities are literally cultural hubs in which students with numerous nationalities come together. The exposure that you get in these is way richer than what you get in the best colleges in India. You get a novel perspective to look at the world and your horizons expand immensely.

MOKSH Advantage

You ensure peace of mind when you choose to let Moksh handle the procedure of MBBS admission abroad. Firstly, like said earlier, the foremost benefit is the choice of country and university. Unlike other study MBBS abroad consultants, Moksh keeps everything transparent and you will know exactly what you are getting into. Secondly, we run the documentation and verification process flawlessly, and hence, our visa rejection stats are ever dwindling.

Not only do we have many options for MBBS in abroad for Indian students at low cost, but we also, we have our branch offices in many of these nations. If any student faces an issue they respond proactively. We also ensure that none should face any hassles regarding travel and accommodation. Most importantly, when you associate with us, we counsel you amply for shaping up your medical career. A plain MBBS from abroad is not enough. You must continue your education beyond MBBS. We create a career planner with your inputs and assist you in getting a seat in medical PG.

MBBS in abroad for Indian students has also become less tricky since the dissolution of MCI. You no longer need to look for MCI recognized medical colleges abroad. But you will need to clear NEXT 1 & 2 to get a license to practice in India.

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