NEET UG 1 Year Program

If you are looking for a NEET UG 1 Year program, either you are in Class XII or you have taken a drop. It is indeed true that the proper administration of the full dose of NEET-UG syllabus requires at least 20 months of interactive pedagogy. So, it becomes quite a challenge to accommodate this in half the time when you choose a 1 Year NEET-UG Program.

There are 2 ways in which various providers of such a program manage this discrepancy. Either they expedite downloading or they condense the syllabus. More commonly, they do a bit of both. When they accelerate the pace of downloading, your comprehension takes a hit. Meanwhile, they achieve condensation of the syllabus by skipping explanation and practice of the topics with less weightage.

Which coaching is best for NEET UG 1 Year Program? 

NEET UG 1 Year Course

Do you wish to know why we have become the best institute for medical preparation? Like every other academic endeavor we undertake, the MOKSH Academy team has done extensive research and given structure to a 1 Year NEET-UG preparation program that employs the concepts of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML).

Without going into many technical details, we will say that in this program, you will prepare with the assistance of scholars of the highest academic standards and the power of AI & ML. These come together to make MOKSH the best coaching for medical entrance at this point in time.


Archive Support

We realize that limiting your learning to live classes will hamper the efficacy of the training program because of the time constraint. Of course, we cover every topic in the live classes but we also offer an invaluable option. We have a special ‘archive’ that you have unconditional access to.

The concept behind this is simple. Downloading too much too quickly can never be too effective. But if you have the liberty to actually plan this download, you will be much better off. The MOKSH archive has hundreds of hours of recorded lectures on every subtopic of NEET-UG. Most celebrated scholars from different corners of India have delivered these lectures.

When you become a MOKSH NEET-UG 1 Year program warrior, we give you access to this archive. You definitely will be carrying impressions of your Class XI and/or previous training program. You will have some pre-formed concepts and ways of learning. So by giving you archive access, we give you the freedom to work upon this previous knowledge and set the pace of your own learning. You may access the live lectures by choice and go to the Archive for clarification.

The Online Advantage

NEET UG Exam - Online Advantage, a dream ambience

And this freedom is possible because all this is online. Those days are indeed gone for good when the location of an aspirant played a huge role in limiting her dream. She could access only that guidance that was available to her at her city of residence. When you have only 1 year for your preparation, you must make the most of your 24 hours. This is not possible if you are wasting a couple of precious wakeful hours commuting to any NEET-UG Coaching Centre. Also, you may need an explanation of a topic at midnight. With MOKSH Online Coaching for NEET UG 1 Year program, you have the entire knowledge powerhouse at your disposal 24X7.

Moreover, in the live classes, your feedback dictates whether a faculty teaches you or not. We continue your classes only if you approve of the guides we provide. MOKSH is very prompt in this aspect. So, at MOKSH, the most qualified and able personnel that you deem fit, take you on your path to NEET UG.

Unique LMS 

Most importantly, during this 1 year of your life in which you need all the support you can get, you will be grateful for the backup our LMS provides. MOKSH is exceptionally proud of its unique Learning Management System (LMS). This ingenious program holds thousands of exclusive, brilliant practice questions in its archive and it formulates practice tests for you. The best part is, you can actually design these. You can decide the degree of difficulty even. All our students have invariably mentioned the MOKSH LMS while talking about their success stories. Also, there are so many questions that the LMS will never run out of them!

Those unpredictable doubts 

We know how scary it can be when you have doubts and you are not sure whether you will get a solution you can rely on. These may be concepts that you didn’t understand during your previous prep or queries that have popped up recently. MOKSH understands how a young aspirant gets restless when she has confusion however inconsequential it may be. We realize that you need clarification quickly otherwise the preparation pace suffers. Your mind refuses to move on till some dependable scholar sorts out your entangled neurons.

We offer you a huge assortment of experts that you can choose from and we will arrange a MOKSH Doubt Session where you can discuss in detail with a real expert. Do you see how reassuring that will feel when you are with MOKSH, the providers of the best NEET Coaching in India?

Special 1-year support for Numericals 

We are sure you have realized by now that the numeric questions are indeed a threat. MOKSH knows the insecurity that many NEET UG aspirants feel when they have to solve numerical problems in Physics and Chemistry, especially Physical Chemistry. We realize that this happens because of your lack of command on Mathematics, mostly in sections like Integration and Differentiation. We have removed this barrier for you. You will get proper classes and practice to build solid concepts. We will make sure you learn all the Mathematics you may need. None of the NEET Coaching Centers will do this for you.

However, we also realize that due to the time constraint, you may feel like bypassing this offering from us. It is fine. Everything in the MOKSH NEET online coaching 1 Year program is modifiable because of the time constraint.

What are your chances of getting a seat in the medical college of your choice through NEET-UG?

More than 16 lakh NEET UG aspirants will compete for getting a chance to study in roughly around 42k government medical seats in 2022. In spite of this skewed ratio, almost all the aspirants hope against hope that they will get a chance. And the anxiety only changes in form even after one gets the magic number!

The successful candidates experience tremendous pressure when they wait for the counseling to finally come to know if they are going to study in the best MBBS College in India for them. The condition is worse when they have to wait for extra couple of months for multiple rounds of counseling. Moreover, the introduction of the concept of parallel counseling due to COVID has made things really different.

You can save yourself this personal anguish by using the MOKSH AI-powered MBBS College Predictor or simply, the NEET Predictor. All you need to do is fill in your NEET 2022 score that you expect or eventually get. You will get a confirmation of your chances of getting a seat in the best medical colleges in India whether through All India Counseling 2022 or State Counseling 2022.

NEET UG Counselling Eligibility

The MOKSH NEET Predictor algorithm considers the various parameters set for different seats (like government, the management or NRI) as well as the categories & sub-categories under the Quota regulations. The AI-powered program also considers the data of earlier counseling sessions published by MCC and so, you can estimate the accuracy of the MOKSH NEET Predictor.