How does our NEET UG Repeater program differ from the NEET UG 1 year and NEET UG 2 year program that we have? Well, it has everything to do with the knowledge that everyone expects you to cultivate during your 11th & 12th. While, in the other 2 courses, we focus on building concepts, in this program, we focus on recaps. All courses include lots of practice. However, in the Repeater Program, you get more exposure to full-length and semi-length exercises.

Taking a drop

Less than 3% of NEET UG aspirants get a chance to do MBBS in a government medical college in India. A number of the remaining 97% of the aspirants opt to take a drop. This means they don’t take admission in any college and dedicate all the 11-12 months to NEET UG preparation. Many take admissions in regular graduation programs for namesake and continue preparing for NEET UG.

Statistically, while it is true that taking a drop doesn’t bring down the chances of success, they don’t become better as well. There is no evidence that Repeaters (or droppers) have a greater chance of succeeding. If this is true, you need to ask yourself, whether taking a drop is a prudent thing to do. Do keep in mind that there are numerous public medical universities, that rank way higher in world-ranking for medical universities, you can apply to. You won’t be losing a year and will be much closer to your dream of a medical career.

About Moksh NEET UG Repeater Program

NEET Repeater Batch MOKSH Academy

Apart from all the regular features that all Moksh courses have, the Repeater program we offer focuses on systematic concept recapitulation. Most importantly, we follow these recaps with a structured revision practice test. The idea is to reinforce the command you already have in these concepts in the context of NEET UG.


When we say ‘recap’, you should not imagine it as a breezing revision. It means live online classes on every topic in all the 4 subjects. Our experts will take you through a brief summarization of the key concepts in any topic. However, this doesn’t mean that if you have doubts, you won’t get redressal.

On the contrary, Moksh’s recap is like a supervised stroll through all the topics & sub-topics under any major heading. You will definitely have the right to interrupt a session to request the expert to linger on the topics you have doubts or have no concept at all. So, though full-fledged theoretical classes are not among this program’s features, rest assured that if you have any confusion etc., we will sort things out.


Another pillar of your training in our Repeater program is the strategically structured Repeaters’ Practice test regime. As mentioned, we conduct recap sessions for the major topics in this program. What we do here is you appear in a preliminary practice test that presents questions from all the topics in that particular chapter. Then, our expert begins breaking down the questions for your benefit and helping you see your errors.
So, a recap session is actually based on your performance in the preliminary test. The idea is that many of our young aspirants are not aware of all the topics of a chapter and hence, they are blissfully unaware that they are actually harboring gaps in their preparation. We refer to these preliminary tests as an ‘eye-opener’ as you are able to see the reality of how prepared you are.

Further, we conduct another test dedicated to the chapter after the eye-opening recap. The idea is to maintain your performance reports to create your subject-specific progress. We use these reports to design your last couple of months of our training through manipulating the tests you appear in during this time.

We also conduct general biweekly tests that may focus on one specific topic or chapter ar sometimes the whole syllabus of a subject. Then we have the bimonthly Subject Revision Tests that test your performance in the entire syllabus of a subject amongst Physics, Chemistry, Botany and Zoology. All this is done through our AI – powered Learning Management System LMS.

AI-powered LMS

Moksh’s AI-powered LMS has always been popular with our students, whether they use it for NEET UG/USMLE/NEXT/etc. This experience becomes all the more exhilarating when you use it to study in Repeaters’ program.

AI powered LMS

As stated earlier, we need to strategize your practice immaculately when you are in the Repeaters’ program. What the LMS does is using all the record of your past performance; it churns out questions from those sections of the syllabus you have shown infirmity in. For example, if you have demonstrated confusion in questions based on Laws of Motion, our LMS will throw more questions based on these Laws whenever you attempt a semi- or full-length practice test in Physics.

The LMS even records your progress in the weak areas. If you manage to score better in this particular section, you will find the frequency of such questions diminish with time.

Archive Support

An aspirant who drops for a year must go at it with a vengeance. You need to be pro-active to fault if you really want to utilize this precious year of your academic life. When you start Moksh’s NEET UG Repeater program, we expect you to be brimming with questions from various sections. 

Of course, our experts will eventually take these topics up for ‘recaps’, but it may come much later. So, we aim to appease your impatience by offering a very rich archive of recorded lectures by celebrity experts. In these lectures these experts conduct a ‘surgical strike’ on the concepts of the concerned chapter. 

You can access these lectures from the day you deposit your Moksh NEET UG Repeater program fee. In other words, you can start getting better without waiting for us to do it for you.

Online Advantage

Like all of our NEET UG Training modules, this program also offers all the advantages that come with an online program. You enjoy the freedom of choosing from the best of faculty according to your comfort.

Numeric questions

The numeric questions that come in NEET UG belong mostly to Physics and Physical Chemistry. However, other sections of Chemistry and even sections like Population Genetics in Botany and zoology throw numeric questions. We train you extra for those and in the Repeater Program; the focus is all the more intense.

Tips for NEET UG repeaters

Tips For NEET UG Repeaters

When you drop a year, you will definitely face a lot of critical scrutiny, both from parents as well as from peers. It is imperative that you work properly and utilize this academic year to its fullest. Make sure you keep in mind that you have to:

Plan and strategize

You will need to be very systematic when you go about doing this. You should have long-term as well as short-term planning to revise.

We at Moksh advocate a special revision plan which you may consider doing so yourself. So, the plan is you revise everything you have studied during the day before you go to bed. When you wake up, make sure you revise the previous day’s work without fail. Then, when Sunday comes, make sure you repeat revisions done all through the week. Do the same thing fortnightly or every 30 days.

Take charge

When you take a drop, you generally feel that you have one whole year and you can take it a bit easy. Nothing could be farther from the truth. This is so especially if you are not taking any regular online course. You need to be critical of your daily achievements, nay, hourly achievements. Keep your targets sharp and stick to them. Compensate religiously if you happen to waste an hour of your time.

Avoid getting stressed

When you take a drop, it is natural to feel the strain of the dual stress factors – to perform well and to compensate for lost time. It is a very common observation when youngsters have literally undergone nervous breakdowns during such preparations. Your best bet to counter this is to remain under active guidance and scrutiny by a benevolent force like Moksh. Let us worry for you!