• Jul 27, 2023   MOKSH

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They say “The most difficult step ever is the first step”. Well, seems like in the case of USMLE, this saying happens to manifest for the unaware. Just like taking the first step towards any goal calls for much determination and strength, so is the case while taking the first step towards clearing USMLE. But, what led to establishment of such an image of USMLE step 1? Well, I’ve enumerated below the reasons why the USMLE Step 1 is hard! So check'em out.

  • USMLE Step 1 is based upon all the major clinical concepts

If you visit the website for USMLE and take a look at the list of the contents the exam is based upon, you’ll find it comprises of almost all the details of the clinical concepts. Moreover, it further covers much of what is published in medical journals. Nothing that a proper planning cannot manage!

  • One needs to deal with time constraints while taking the USMLE Step 1

Some aspirants face this issue of time constraints during the exam. Let alone reviewing the answers, they say they barely got sufficient time to attempt all the questions. Nothing that a little practice with  MOKSH USMLE coaching - Patient Centered Learning Platform cannot sort out.

  • Unlimited topics but limited questions

There are 280 questions constituting the USMLE Step 1 medical exam. Although this limited amount of USMLE exam questions restrict the number of topics incorporated in the exam, you never know which topic could be tested and so you need to cover all. So, make a wise choice of topics you feel would come up in the exam and avoid those having a lesser probability. Nothing that cannot be sorted by starting your preparations early and a little help from MOKSH USMLE coaching - Patient Centered Learning Platform

  • The MCQs asked in USMLE aren't the "run of the mill" type MCQs

I've got some news for you - one comforting and another slightly unsettling. The USMLE exam is an MCQ-based exam and thus, all you need to do is make a right choice. The "unsettling part" is that these USMLE-styled MCQs are designed in a way that they coax you to choose the wrong answer. Also, these are not single answer MCQs which means more than one option may be right. This indeed is an additional challenge. But, nothing that cannot be handled with proper practice. Studying through MOKSH USMLE coaching - Patient Centered Learning Platform is sufficient

  • It is computer-based

For those who have taken online exams before, they must be very well known that taking a paper-based exam is pretty much different from taking exam through a computer. Your speed for taking the exam gets affected when you switch from paper-based examination to computer-based ones. Therefore, you need to practice taking computer-based exams so as to enhance your pace. One good way of doing so is by practicing USMLE exam pattern sample questions online. You like the idea? Then what's keeping you from joining MOKSH USMLE coaching - Patient Centered Learning Platform?

  • It is 8 hours long!

Believe it or not, USMLE exam Step 1 goes on for 8 hours. I keep wondering how convenient it'd have been if it was a 2 days exam. To make you feel better, I can only say that every aspirant will face this challenge especially if they have not practiced the simulated tests of MOKSH USMLE coaching - Patient Centered Learning Platform Also, learn how your USMLE Step 1 exam day will be like!

I hope I've succeeded in making my point that your endeavor to ace in USMLE Step 1 exam will remain half-hearted till you enroll for MOKSH USMLE coaching - Patient Centered Learning Platform! Jokes apart, MOKSH consider it a privilege to be of students' help. Since 2020 when Step 1 Exam has become Pass/Fail the trend says that since last 3 years the pass rates of exams are decreasing, which also mean the exam is becoming difficult every year.