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The following article manifests how an effective USMLE study plan that banks on scientific research will be the new cornerstone to prep for USMLE. Below you will find some efficient techniques you can adapt to your USMLE study schedule with the intent of scoring high in the USMLE exams. Also, you’ll get to know here how MOKSH can assist you in these implementing such an effective USMLE study plan as per scientific research.

Preparing a USMLE Study Plan


The question is how long it actually takes to prepare for each USMLE exam? Moxsh, with its experience in working with international medical grads, can assure you that it takes up to 12 months for the preparation of USMLE Step 1. However, for USMLE Step 2 CK, it only takes 4-7 months. Furthermore, when you clear USMLE STEP 2 CK, you have to prepare for USMLE STEP 2 CS which will take not more than 2 months.

Moreover, the time will vary as per your inpidual skills, study style, score goals, fluency in English, time and current foundation of knowledge in the subjects.

Again, there’s nothing to be worried about! Moksh is here by your side to make it all easy and hassle-free with its USMLE study plan.

Another point to remember is after you’ve passed the exam, you cannot re-appear for it in order to score high grades. Subsequently, after you’ve appeared for the USMLE exam, the result may take up to 2-4 months to arrive, so make sure you plan ahead for the next step!

Now, let’s have a look at how each step of the USMLE exam looks like and how you can prepare a study plan for each of them!

Preparing a Plan for USMLE STEP 1 Study Schedule

Here’s how you need to do it!

The Study Approach

Moxsh has answers to what is likely to come in your exam. There are a few of the best approaches for you, all “TRIED AND TESTED”.

  • You should talk to the medical school faculty those who have seen past exams or must have reviewed the exams as they can tell you the topics that have the highest probability.
  • Never overlook the standard topics: Generally speaking, these topics are those which appear on the exam, 2 or 3 years after they reach prominence, in the lay/scientific community.
  • DO NOT STUDY the last exam: Exam content varies every New Year. The reason behind this is the computerized way of conducting the USMLE STEP 1 exams.

What to Learn?

The most important part is to master the skills of choosing how to study for this exam. Basically, it is a 3 stage process and all these 3 stages are parallel to the functional organization of memory.

The basic terms and definitions After you’ve learned these, you develop a core vocabulary to understand the content being tested.
The central concepts You must be able to explain the meaning of different concepts, how they can be used and how they further connect with other concepts.
Application Here, you must be able to apply the concepts, in a presented clinical setting

Essential Tips for USMLE STEP 1 Study Plan

The following suggestions might be useful for you:

  • Be organized: Moxsh will assist you in creating an organized study schedule.
  • Determine your weak points: Moxsh, by taking pretests, targets your weak points.
  • Do not neglect areas you are good at: Since your strong areas are also essential, do not feel overconfident about them. Try to practise them but allocate less time.
  • Try to keep your sessions short: Rather than studying for a longer duration, choose to study for not more than one and a half hour, at a stretch.
  • Do not re-read the textbooks: It’s a point which has to be taken care of, do not read the textbooks again and again. Try to use review books in place of it.

Preparing a Step 2 CK Study Plan

USMLE STEP 2 CK may happen to you as an afterthought in the wake of the monolith (USMLE STEP 1). Undoubtedly, we all are habitual of studying for weeks in the end, memorizing so many minutiae from our pre-clinical years and that final year of relief on leaving the testing centre, can’t be expressed in words. Isn’t it?

The Study Approach

See, at the very least, you ought to clear the exam before you become a graduate from the medical school. At times, most of the students study during a lighter rotation whereas some of the students dedicate a few weeks for studying during the vacation.

Just make sure that you leave adequate time in case you need a retake. Trust me, nothing feels worse than having matched but being unable to graduate due to USMLE Step 2 CK.

Essential Tips for Step 2 CK Study Plan

  • Similar to the USMLE Step 1, your basic requirements are already a good reference for you. In addition to this, the solid question bank and practise exams, offered by Moksh, will help you gauge your level of readiness.
  • You need to prioritize studying while clerkship year in order to build a firm clinical knowledge base.
  • Furthermore, you must at least take up to 2 NBME practice exams.
  • Devote minimum of 2 weeks for revision before the exam date.
  • Spare enough time off before studying in earnest so as to avoid burnout.

Preparing a Study Plan for Step 2 CS Study Plan

Just imagine if you performed well on all the other exams but failed to clear that one exam and now you are not getting interviews. Indeed, it’s painful and just to answer you this one exam is none other than USMLE STEP 2 CS. It is considered to be the toughest paper of all the 4 USMLE exams, but with Moksh, you don’t need to worry at all.

One tip is you should not underestimate this exam!

Essential Tips

The following tips will help you to avoid being pinched by USMLE STEP 2 CS and will lead you to the top for sure. Let’s have a look:

What to do? Outcome
Focused physicals See, not every patient with abdominal pain needs a full Neuro diagnosis. Try to focus on the particular area of discomfort instead of going for a whole-body check-up; you can save your time.
Learn how to type The USMLE Step 2 CS requires you to type an efficient note which has to be done quickly. Since it’s a digital platform, you cannot type like a grandma, because then it will be a big problem for you. The time allotted for each case is 25 minutes and you have to adhere to the time limit.
Be warm and patient You need to remain calm and remember empathy is something that many medical associations feel is important.
Practise relentlessly There are countless practise tests offered by Moksh. Keep on practising them again and again so that you can have a good grasp over speed and time.
You must know your differentials (differential diagnosis) Being aware of the buzzwords for the prototypic cases plays an important role in nailing the diagnosis.

Preparing a Study Plan for USMLE Step 3

This is the final step of USMLE and after clearing this, you can have the license to practice without any supervision. It’s also a computer-based exam in which you need to answer 500 MCQ questions.

Essential Tips for USMLE Step 3 Study Plan

So it’s always a good idea to review books and go through the question bank of Moxsh, again and again. Especially, when it comes to preparing for the CCS part of the exam, you should focus on becoming familiar with the software and being both thorough and efficient with your virtual patients.

Again, Moxsh is always by your side to make things simple and hassle-free during your USMLE step 3 preparations.

How Moxsh Can Help!

Capping off, you can reach out to MOKSH not just for preparatory purposes but we also have a team of consultants dedicated to guiding students on their way to taking USMLE. So, when you’re referring to MOXSH in pursuit of preparing for USMLE, proper guidance comes as a byproduct.